Thanks for checking out Sloan. Sloan Boutique brings to Charlotte fashionable coordinates and accessories from popular designers Diane von Furstenberg, Theory, Trina Turk, BCBG, Nicole Miller and more. We proudly offer the best in fashion including beautiful clothing, handbags, shoes and jewelry. We also are proud to feature personal shopping and consulting services free of charge. Come see us today and look your most beautiful!

STEP by Sloan is a designer shoe store which is the sister store to Sloan, the very successful and much talked about designer ladies' boutique. Owned by Courtney Sloan Bishop, Jill Sloan Pleune and Daniel Mauney, STEP by Sloan sells the highest quality available showcasing the latest fashions in ladies' shoes and accessories.

Here's a little bit more about us: Courtney Sloan Bishop and Jill Sloan Pleune are sisters and best friends originally from Decatur, Illinois. Courtney graduated from University of Kentucky with a B.S. in Accounting. She moved to Charlotte in Fall, 1998. Jill Sloan graduated from University of Wisconsin at Madison with a B.A. in Merchandising. She moved to Charlotte in Spring, 1999.

Sloan Boutique is proud to have a sister store Step By Sloan offering the most beautiful shoes in Charlotte. With over twelve years of retail experience, Daniel Mauney (aka Shoe Man Dan) spent most of that time in footwear from selling, managing and buying the merchandise. Residing in North Carolina majority of his life, he has called Charlotte home since 1991. Most recently, he managed a very successful shoe salon for five years which gave him an incredible opportunity and wealth of knowledge. He always dreamed of having his own shoe store and after meeting the Sloan sisters, the dream became a reality at Step by Sloan.

Sloan and Step by Sloan

Sloan and Step by Sloan Charlotte, NC as reviewed by Charlotte Magazine.

Sloan and Step by Sloan are two designer boutiques in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. They are both owned and operated by the Sloan family. While Sloan is focused primarily on clothing, Step by Sloan has a fabulous collection of designer footwear. Their Dilworth boutiques are known for their keen sense of style and fashion trends.

Sloan is located on the lower level of the boutique. The selection is very trendy. Designers featured in our boutique are Trina Turk, Diane Von Furstenberg and Nicole Miller to name a couple. The style of clothing they have selected is very “Carrie Bradshaw” from Sex and the City, which I absolutely love. I was particularly impressed by their collection of dresses. The dresses were mostly in bright colors with fun patterns. I could definitely see Ms. Bradshaw in any one of their dresses. They also have a nice collection of designer denim and feature an entire wall of designer jeans. Definitely a place where only the women with the best fashion sense would shop.

Step by Sloan is located in the upper level of the boutique. In addition to the great selection of shoes, they also have a nice selection of designer bags and accessories. Some designer brands featured in the store are Bettye Muller, Michael Kors, and Anne Klein. I had hoped to see Dior Extreme in their store but I did love the gorgeous collection of shoes they had.

Both Sloan and Step by Sloan have done a great job keeping up with the fashion trends. I would wear anything from their stores with great pride. I was very impressed by the layout and atmosphere of the stores as well. Very upbeat, friendly and fashion forward. I would highly recommend Sloan or Step by Sloan to anyone looking for some great designer pieces to add to their wardrobes.
Welcome to Sloan Boutique in Beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina!

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